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Sparklers Picture Day

Sparklers picture day is August 24, 2023.  Please contact me for ordering information.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!  You can email me at

Only Available in Digital Package 1

General Information:

*There is a pre-sale discount on digital package 1 & 2 until 8/23.  This is so that I will know who to photograph individually in their white tops.  PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOUR SPARKLER DOES NOT STAY UNTIL THE VERY END AND POSE FOR HER INDIVIDUAL PICTURE OUTSIDE, YOU CAN NOT ORDER DIGITAL PACKAGE 1. 

*Packages ordered up until 9/5 will not be charged shipping and will be delivered thru Ms. Bowser.

*Digital orders will be available for download the same day as print orders are delivered.

*I will send all orders to the print lab at close of business on 9/6.  The delivery date will depend on the print lab at this point.

*Starting 9/6 all orders will have shipping added and will be mailed to your home address directly from the print lab.

* The gallery will EXPIRE and be REMOVED on 12/31.  Please place all orders before then.

 Package Prices

package 1 2023.jpg
package 2 2023.jpg
Sparklers 20232024.jpg
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