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Future Pirate Night Band Performance

It has been raining so much here in the DFW area that everything has been canceled for weeks. Our poor band has barely gotten to play at any football games this year. And in Texas, Friday Night Lights is where it's at! This week was our Future Pirate Night where members of the band, choir, and drill teams from the school who will feed into Wylie High School come to the high school and get to perform with the high schoolers. It's really a fun night for everyone. Due to the rain, our school already had to cancel this night once, so this time even though we had even more rain, the show still went on! The band and choir performed in the high school cafeteria and the drill team performed on our indoor practice field. Since everyone was so spread out, I was only able to cover the indoor band performance, and even with that, only a small corner of our band because it was so packed with parents and kids! In Wylie, That Wylie Band is huge and AWESOME! They just won their 28th UIL Division 1 rating in a row! 28 years of excellence! We are so proud of our band and excited for their future performances.

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