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Destination senior portraits are a great way to have unique and fun senior portraits!  Every year of my life we have gone out to west Texas.  It’s part of who I am.  If I don’t go, I just don’t feel complete.  And so, I love when I get the opportunity to photograph people out in this part of Texas.  Its just so different from anywhere else.  Madison was awesome to let me drive her around from Marfa to Ft Davis, and any spot on the side of the road (or just plain old IN the road!).  We had quite the adventure and it sure paid off!!  From the very cool El Cosmico hotel to the wild landscapes of the Davis Mountains State Park, we were able to get a wide variety of locations and terrain.

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Brian Golightly
Brian Golightly
08 בספט׳ 2020

Beautifully captured(By Golightly) youth of a Texas Woman with Heart Stopping Eyes. Good luck Madison you have the whole world ahead of you with Breathtaking Allure to Open those Doors.



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